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<!--020080108019530-->TV Boy - 'Start A Revolution Without Weapons' [Book]
<!--020080108019530-->TV Boy - 'Start A Revolution Without Weapons' [Book]
<!--020080108019530-->TV Boy - 'Start A Revolution Without Weapons' [Book]
<!--020080108019530-->TV Boy - 'Start A Revolution Without Weapons' [Book]

TV Boy

Start A Revolution Without Weapons


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  • Jan 08, 2008
  • 96
  • 6.75" X 9.5"
  • 9788888493244
  • DO244BK
  • 11.7 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Drago Arts & Communication
  • TV Boy
Drago's 36 Chambers Series - Each volume represents a metaphoric room for signature artists of the international independent art scene to express themselves in work which combines tradition and experimentation. Books in The 36 Chambers Series are B&W, with one further color of the artist's choice.

TV Boy is the artist behind one of the most recognizable signatures on the European street. Born in Palermo in 1980, after training in Milan, TV Boy settled in Barcelona, Spain and he began to transform the city. His art is contemporary and embodies a unique remix of cartoon characters, comics, and Pop art icons, all of which are illustrated in his book. Another jewel of the 36 Chambers Series book collection is "TvBoy", one of the most recognizable signatures of the European streetness. The city barrios are literally invaded by his chewy puppets, unmistakable for the heads enclosed in monitors. Tv or Pc addicted, in search for a way out. The TvBoy's advice is to switch off the screen and become the protagonist. Multi-colored characters that conquer with their curvy, reassuring forms. An ironic revise, stricly "customized", of Warhol'sapproach. Or rather: how to survive the invasion of mediatic ultra-bodies. The TvBoy's recipe is easy: to bend to irony the fetishes of showbiz society. Advertising messages and icons personally revised and cleared of their massifying power. So, from obscure persuasors they become unoffensive toys. A democratic aesthetics, becaus re-shaped on the user's needs. The empty box refills with authentic messages for all the insiders who choose to break the rules and innovate. An urban factory gathered by participation, spontaneous and self-ruled, of those cultural nomads never overstuffed of adventure. With them, The TvBoy marked the style of the city: a seaport hospitable with the talents passying by. Who return, leaving a sign of their passage.