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Twilight - 'Still Loving You' [CD]


Still Loving You



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Still Loving You, by Twilight, was originally released in 1981. Housed in a low-fi generic album cover, this very polished, professionally produced record sounds like it was made by a super talented band. Strains of Earth Wind and Fire, George Duke and Roy Ayers, flow through a collection of tunes that effortlessly blend soul, disco, funk, Latin and Brazilian vibes. But looks, as evident with the LP cover, can be deceptive. Twilight was not a band. In fact, with the exception of a guest horn section and one guest vocal, Twilight was, and still is, Lawrence Ross; one man with a clear vision of what his music should sound like, and how he would make it on his own.

Original copies of the two Twilight records have been trading hands for over $500 each. Still Loving You is the earlier release (by 5 years) and has an organic vibe in comparison to it's more electronic sequel "Pains of Love."

In the early 1980s Ross worked the nightshift at General Mills in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was a Head shift packer at a flour mill, where, in the twilight hours, he spent quiet time creating songs in his head. Able to get by with only 3 hours sleep he recorded his debut album in the space of one week between 10am and 11am every morning, just a few hours after finishing work. Ross showed-up to the studio with a master plan to make a record as he heard it in his head, by playing everything himself. "I laid out a click track from beginning to end on the first day," he explains. "Then I went in and laid down the bass on the next day, and then drums, and then keyboards etc, with each process taking one hour of studio time each day."

This very methodical process was also economical as the entire album only cost $1200 to make. But making the music sound natural, like a band had played it, was a challenge."It's difficult to keep the meter/timing exactly right when you are duplicating yourself 7 or 8 times. But I did it that way because I could, and it was the only way to record the album the way I wanted to hear it," says Ross.

In addition to making the album by himself, Ross also knew he wanted a record that didn't sound like any others. Bored with what he perceived as a mass music market full of formulaic releases Ross wanted Twilight to shake up the norm. Rather than produce a tidy record that fit well with a certain crowd, Still Loving You packs many different styles.

The first 500 LPs will be numbered and include a printed inner sleeve. Both the LP and CD include liner notes with the full Twilight story plus photos from back in the day. LPs also include free code to download a digital version of the album.
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