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Unforscene - 'Fingers And Thumbs' [CD [2CD]]
Unforscene - 'Fingers And Thumbs' [CD [2CD]]
Unforscene - 'Fingers And Thumbs' [CD [2CD]]
Unforscene - 'Fingers And Thumbs' [CD [2CD]]


Fingers And Thumbs


CD [2CD]

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Unforscene have been key players in the Bristol scene for the past decade. Their previous releases have received support from some of the world's top music minds and producers.

In true Unforscene style "Fingers And Thumbs" ambitiously layers modern and classical influences with their quality original beats and great choice of collaborators, bound together by fantastic, flawless and innovative production. Alice Russell, J Todd and Epcot, each bring their totally unique talents to an eclectic and exciting mix. Encompassing hip-hop, jazz, electronica, soul, and the occasional folk- and blues-inspired moment, this double CD album will no-doubt take up its rightful place in the record collections of many a music lover.

Formed 10 years ago by brothers Will and Benji Bower, and later joined by Ben Muscat in 2003, Unforscene taps an amazingly rich mine of musical creativity and experiences, from an exhaustive list of session work as individuals, to their renowned theatre, film and TV composition work (Recent projects include scores for high-profile shows on BBC1, BBC3 and Channel 4 amongst others). Their naturally powerful, cinematic quality comes to the fore on instrumental tracks, such as the bluesy low fi of "68 On Third," the epic modern-classical soundscape of "Sidewinder" and "The Journey," a suspense-filled odyssey which evokes the feeling of a new surprise waiting around every sonic corner.

The atmospheric undertone of "Belly Full Of Lead" is overlaid with cleverly used textures evoking a growing sense of global disquiet, but also raising the odd wry smile, and interwoven with lush sonic threads, from soaring synth to tumbling waterfall keys. "See The Light" featuring J Todd takes things into a hazy electronic soul spin, with his distinctive, alluring style taking centre stage. "Let It Ride" featuring Epcot (released as a single in April to widespread acclaim) is hip hop that pricks up the ears with flourishes of electronica, and typifies the Unforscene genre-hopping mastery which makes immediately great records like this more satisfying with every spin.

"Alright", a laid-back acoustic song, with a folksy summer groove and jazzy piano, takes things in yet another intriguing direction. Flashes of Will Bower's inspired percussion recall his work as a session drummer/percussionist, specialising in Latin, West African, Indian and Contemporary styles, for artists such as Appliance, 100 Strong and other UK and international acts.

Unforscene's music encompasses cinematic funk, modern jazz, broken beats, contemporary classical and acoustic sounds and they continue to use live musicians, high end production and talent from around the world, ultimately to keep music real.
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