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Up, Bustle & Out - 'Mexican Sessions: Our Simple Sensational Sounds' [CD]

Up, Bustle & Out

Mexican Sessions: Our Simple Sensational Sounds


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Experimental funky Cumbia dubby grooves & Caribbean rhythms with Mexican spice! Feat. Control Machete, DJ King Ruly, Sistema Local Sound System, Romanowski, Subrok Mission, Blanquito Man, Jim Barr, a.o. - over 70 minutes with bonus video shot in Mexico.
"Mexican Sessions - Our Simple Sensational Sound" - a title evoking the fun and chance of this colourful musical journey. Up, Bustle & Out went to Monterrey, Mexico to meet the platinum selling Hip Hop crew 'Control Machete' (who's 'Femin IV Caballero' also features on the Cypress Hill album 'Los Grandes Éxitos En Español'). Together they experimented with Cumbia Music - and what was to be a 12" single became the foundation for an entire album.
U, B & O also took their ideas north to California & NYC, they glided over the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico & Jamaica too before landing safely again in Europe. The 'Mexican Sessions' captures the creative input / output of cultural experimental that began in Mexico, married the bass and sexy rhythms of the Caribbean with the flavours of Mexican spices. Arriba!
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