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Uppa Notch - 'No Greater Love' [CD]

Uppa Notch

No Greater Love


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Danon and Hosannah combine science with sociology to bring the caliber of hip hop Uppanotch. There is No Greater Love than putting your whole being back into the art form that helped raise you. Although Uppanotch recorded this work between 2004 and 2006, the album's content spans from those 1980's inner-city Queens, New York growing pains to the present day war in Iraq and beyond. No Greater Love showcases the Queens raised duo's range of versatility. Listen to "Bad Santa" and "Mentally Ill" and you'll see just how descriptive and sharp this tandem can be. Let "Breathless" and "They Don't Know" pound your ear drums, and the knowledge of their level of vocal dexterity will not escape you. No one artist on Mindbenda sounds much like any other affiliate, let alone any rhyme-spitter that the industry has to offer. Uppanotch shows what can be done when skilled wordsmiths are armed with creative control and flawless production by the likes of MAZZ, X-Ray, El Messiah, YS, J. Prince, J. Garfield, Rio, Jondog, Mek the Relik, and Chrome Nina.
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