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<!--2014060551-->Upper Playground - 'Handstyle 05' [(Black) T-Shirt]
<!--2014060551-->Upper Playground - 'Handstyle 05' [(Black) T-Shirt]
<!--2014060551-->Upper Playground - 'Handstyle 05' [(Black) T-Shirt]
<!--2014060551-->Upper Playground - 'Handstyle 05' [(Black) T-Shirt]

Upper Playground

Handstyle 05



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  • UP19613BMTS
  • 7.9 oz
  • Orange
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Upper Playground
  • Saber
- Classic Fit, 5.5oz 100% Cotton T-Shirt

At the age of 13, Saber's cousins introduced him to graffiti, and he was instantly hooked. After honing his skills on local walls, Saber joined MSK, and was later inducted into the AWR crew. In 1997 Saber gained international fame for one of the largest graffiti works ever done. Spanning the size of a professional football field over the LA River, it took Saber 35 nights and 97 gallons of paint to complete. It made him a legend and a permanent fixture in the street art community. Since then he has exhibited his skills not just in the streets of LA but also in fine art exhibitions throughout the world and has collaborated on numerous commercial projects. His recently published book on the Tarnished (flag) series, 'The Ugly American' is taken from a best selling book and movie title that has become synonymous for all that is wrong with American foreign policy. Politics has always been something very close to Saber's heart and his practice as an artist has brought him much respect for his aesthetic approach to political expression.