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<!--020090609000531-->Various Artists - '7X7 Beat: A Definitive Series From All City Records' [CD]

Various Artists

7X7 Beat: A Definitive Series From All City Records




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All City Records started off with their first 45 over a year ago and kept the formula pretty simple..up and coming producers, instrumental 45s, themed artwork, one press. Some are known - Mike Slott, Hudson, Onra, Mweslee and Fulgeance - and others were new - Snowman and Le n?ko - but all are connected via the beat scene which has been bubbling the last couple of years. Leftfield, wonky, Dillaesque or Post-Dila, blip-hop, glitch..we're exhausted from the many slogans but as this CD shows there are many styles at play here. Featuring Gilles Peterson French fav Fulgeance, Warp one-to-watch Hudson Mohawke, fellow Luckymer Mike Slott, rising star Onra, Kindred Spirits producer Mweslee the mysterious Le n?ko and L.A resident via Detroit Snowman and bonus track from Dimlite.
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