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<!--020051108005799-->Various Artists - 'Beatology Vol. 2' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Various Artists

Beatology Vol. 2

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record


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Shaman Works has been releasing some really solid material, with The Special Herbs series probably being the most notable of their recent and past releases. This summer Shaman brought Cl Smooth sounding as good as ever with the "Warm Outside" 12". Their latest release in "Beatology" puts some notable producers, like the always dope Count Bass D, up and comer Kev Brown and J.Rawls among others, to work crafting beats especially made for this compilation. A great compilation of some new instrumentals for your blending/mixing pleasure. Don't miss the latest from Sci Fi now John Robinson courtesy of your favorite villain latest entry into the fray on Shaman as well.
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