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Various Artists - 'Caveman Culture Sound Vol. 1' [CD]
Various Artists - 'Caveman Culture Sound Vol. 1' [CD]
Various Artists - 'Caveman Culture Sound Vol. 1' [CD]
Various Artists - 'Caveman Culture Sound Vol. 1' [CD]

Various Artists

Caveman Culture Sound Vol. 1


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Caveman Culture Sound Vol. 1 is the album that the international Roots and Culture fan community has long been waiting for! The Caveman Sound System has existed since 1975 but has only been run by the mastermind, Everton 'Dr. Cave' Moore, since 1980. Caveman is known not only as the 'World's No. 1 Culture Sound' and leading sound system for Roots Reggae worldwide, but also as the discoverer of the very young Sizzla Kalonji! That is why the album starts with the song 'Hungry Children' by one of the most famous and talented Reggae artist of today: Sizzla. In a perfect world, this song would be a global hit - in our reality, this song is still a global hit, at least qualitatively, and additionally Mr. Kalonji is still deeply grateful to Caveman and promptly contributed a second big tune to the Rasta manifesto from the house Caveman with 'Zimbabwe'. Sizzla, however, is not the only graduate of Caveman University. Artists like Luciano, Jah Cure, Natty King - just to name a few - have also earned their Reggae degree by Dr. Cave and this longplay release offers an excellent review of the latest productions: Besides Sizzla, it features other famous Reggae performers like Lutan Fyah, Natural Black, Mikey General, Norris Man, the veterans Fred Locks & Puddy Roots, but also offers 'insider tips' from popular newcomers like Malchest and Cadia whose tracks are currently playing in heavy rotation on Jamaica's No.1 radio station, Irie FM. This 19-track album is a must for all conscious Reggae fans who are interested in the musical heritage of the most famous representative of the Rastafari religion, Bob Marley. For the Caveman community, Rastafari is still alive, both musically and spiritually! - All tracks are exclusive and have been never released before - the CD has a playtime of over 78 minutes and comes in an appealing digipak! - The release is supported by international known experts like John Masouri or David Katz.
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