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Various Artists (Compiled By: Mr. Peabody Records) - 'The Real Sound Of Chicago: Underground Disco From The Windy City' [CD [2CD]]
Various Artists (Compiled By: Mr. Peabody Records) - 'The Real Sound Of Chicago: Underground Disco From The Windy City' [CD [2CD]]
Various Artists (Compiled By: Mr. Peabody Records) - 'The Real Sound Of Chicago: Underground Disco From The Windy City' [CD [2CD]]
Various Artists (Compiled By: Mr. Peabody Records) - 'The Real Sound Of Chicago: Underground Disco From The Windy City' [CD [2CD]]

Various Artists (Compiled By: Mr. Peabody Records)

The Real Sound Of Chicago: Underground Disco From The Windy City


CD [2CD]

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  • Jan 05, 2010
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
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  • BBE0122CD
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Mr. Peabody Records about each compiled track

Premonition - Definitely in a class of it's own, this groovy, soulful, cosmic dance oddity by premonition has the sound that gains all the attention on the dance floor. A perfect introduction setting the tone for what's to come on the rest of this compilation. Only a handful of tracks from this release are believed to exist and ironically, it walked right through our doors on a summer day a few years ago.

Loveship - Hailing from the Southside of Chicago's Cash Ear record label, this modern style dancer masterpiece by Loveship has it all. From an uplifting chorus with added seasoning from Angie Ditto on vocals, to the deep rippling bassline from the band section. This one seems to never end. The band consisted of 3 guys and some females, a proper blend of talent put together to turn out a fantastic dance floor cut such as this one. Retrieved from a box of dusty albums sitting next to furnace in a basement on the east side and finally reaching a proper home to the ears of deserving listeners.

Larry Houston - We found our first copies of this record 12years ago sitting in the bins of a local record store on the north side amongst a bunch of 80's commercial dance twelve-inches. In those days, gems like this would go undiscovered for months until we came along. This stomping crossover disco record has the word "classic" written all over it. But, in the days of low budgets for promotion, it remained underground till years later.

Lajohn & Sheela - We were surveying a few storage units in the west suburbs of the city, which contained the remains of a popular large Westside bar that was popping from the late 60's to early 80's. Amongst it we found, posters, bar stools, cooking equipment, speakers, a Bozak mixer and more. After moving along to the next unit, we found about 10,000+ records and in the 3rd storage unit and an additional 3000+ records. Buried within lied this nice mellow boogie tune. Year's later after tracking down Lajohn, who is now a police officer, we obtained other copies. An extraordinary tune of its time and definitely a dance floor hit in our eyes.

Yohon - At the height of the E.T. phenomenon, there many tracks made with the theme. A little after we met and teamed up, we visited a good friend and now deceased dealer here in Chicago named Art Morales. He was very well known amongst 45 collectors. This day he had found a load of 70's & 80's dance singles. Being that we were probably the only guys in the city buying large loads of dance twelve's at the time; he turned them over to us. Amongst many rare gems on this skid was this marvelous warm early 80's dance track. Listening to it literally puts you into a cosmic dream. Most people back then would have played it and said "Naaa", we said "yeahhh". This was a time when hardly anyone would appreciate the sound a record like this had to offer. Luckily, it made it into the right hands.

Billy Hinton - This group of talented musician at the time headed by 25yo Billy Hinton, and consisting two younger siblings 19yo Curtis and 17yo Beverly, combined to form the group Beige in the 70's to 80's. They bought aboard Maxine Gardner (introduced to them by Terry Marshall Of Maxx Traxx) to lay down the vocals. A fine job they did with this Chicago soulful dance groove with the primary arrangment being done by Keith Henderson Also Of Maxx Traxx. Billy did a fine job putting everyone together on this production. We obtained the first copies of this record from a now long gone distributor from the South East Side.

Maxx Traxx - Formally known as the 70's Soul group Third Rail, this artist re-invented themselves to roll out a dance tune with a cutting edge sound. Sharp, cutting, and screaming synths throughout along with a blanket of joyous male vocals. We have many memories of getting together down in Mikes basement where we would jam it on regularly. It's a true Peabody anthem of sorts. Amazing how in today's time, a record that wouldn't even sell at $7 would weigh in current times at over $300 Dollars. But with today's global interest, it's to be expected from a record of this caliber.

Sidney Thomas - This release was Obtained from a former musician Larry of a Chicago based record label. While sitting down having a chat, he said "musicians would literally swap each others material and pass it along as a primitive style of networking to get a buzz going amongst the Chicago natives". Look, Let's Make Love is a really feel good track that was released on the Chicago based east side independent label, Parallel Records. It's a galloping disco tune with female vocals that will seduce and gain all men's attention on the dance floor. "See if you like it".

Billilian Express - Yet another discovery amongst a rodent infested basement on the West side. Ever played a 45 that was off center a little bit? Well this one sounds similar but the track was designed that way. It defines the raw soulful experimentation where musicians totally went against the grain to try something new. Disco Nights is a really groovy ride with strong blaring horn re-enforcement. A real dance floor blaster brought to you by Likes Of Larry Henderson, a figurehead and key producer on Chicago's underground soul scene.

Martin Dumas - This one is yet another rare find amongst the more obvious of records coming thru the shop. Attitude, belief, and determination give new definition to the term "Spiritual" with plenty of groove power packed behind it. This track definitely is a down tempo soulful track that will have you assured that good things are bound to happen, and it has "Anthem" written all over it as well. Get ready for 10 minutes of pure bliss.

Ghalib Ghallab - This selection was recorded at the Chicago Bulls Jazz Club In The City's Lincoln Park Area On The North side. The club was literally underground in a basement with a smoky dark culture with paintings along the wall. Ghallab was a Southside native attending Chicago's Harlan High School. He had a natural knack for keyboards and played with ambient energy. His style spanned across many genres of music, from soul to classical. Recorded in 1981, this rare groove by Ghallab has a theme we all can relate to. A really good summer song with a fantastic sax solo from Dr. Edwin Daugherty.

Expo - While checking out a record collection at a home in the Southside's Pullman district, this guy brings out a few boxes of Lp's that had obviously been picked through. We asked him, "Do you have any other records that have not been seen?" He returns from a guest bedroom and replies, "I found these while cleaning up a couple months ago". Turns out, the records belong to his brother from New York who had stayed with him for a short time in the 80's. The very odd thing is that the 45's we're all in sleeves and in immaculate shape, much different than the Lp's he had just previously showed us. Amongst the selection of mostly independent 45's was this unique spin. Another independent early 80's boogie bomb tune from a Local group named Expo. A very bright and moving track with the vocals being laid down by J. Elliot Robinson. This inspirational track quickly became one of our dance floor favorites.

Gregory James - This oddity on the Kelli-Arts label later fell along the way side to the labels more popular group, Magnum Force. This group was a collaboration between 2 Guys, Gregory Bibb and James Norris. A very smooth and sophisticated disco release with warm horns, nice keys, and excellent complimentary female vocals. The break goes into a groove that has a soulful trance like element to it. We had this record in the shop from time to time, and it fell on the deaf ears and went neglected for the most part. Maybe it wasn't played loud enough. However, we always loved it. Now if anyone goes to retrieve this tune other than this compilation, they're most likely going to have to pay from this point on.

Carmen Amez - Classic soap opera disco but arranged right! Here's the story -We were in a warehouse in the Midwest around 11 years ago. We were in separate areas going through skids of vinyl, Mike yells out from the other side "I Bet This One's Tight". He broke out the portable player and dropped the needle on the disc. We both started laughing. A very common reaction when we found what we called a "Cut". This one turned out to be a fantastic disco track with a break that will leave you mouth hanging open to the floor.

Tomorrow's People - This maximum disco/funk head nodder from the Stage Productions label is very sought after on the collector's scene at this moment. Our gift to you! The band consisting of 6 brothers got together to conceive this awesome masterpiece "Open Soul". Seven minutes of deep funky basslines, screaming vocals, and fantastic instrument solos will leave you mesmerized. The original track on the Rare 6 Track Lp is timed at around 20 Minutes (One Entire Side Only). We've shortened it here to save space on this comp, and of course to give the collectors something to dig for. Don't worry; this 7min version will do more than wet your whistle.

The Moore Brothers (Debut 1st Release) - One day all is going as normal in the shop. Then, an elderly lady shows up with a box of Gospel LP's, mostly Savoy label stuff and some various others. Literally, right in the middle of the box we were going through, there was a solid white cardboard sleeve. We immediately pulled it out and inside turned out to be acetate titled, "The Moore Brothers". Being that Chicago had many "Moore's" we really didn't have the confidence in finding the makers of the material. So by initiating some hard work and bouncing from person to person, we found Mr. Moore right here in Chicago. He informed us that the acetate in our possession was the "only existing copy" of the recording, which originally belonged to their former manager. He stated again "We did some 45's but this one was never made it to press, the original tape was destroyed by accident after we recorded it". After playing the track for him, he added, "Wow, I never heard this after we recorded it". He's positive that this acetate we possess is the only existing copy in the world. So there you have it, from the Peabody Archives To You Ears. We've restored the disc to the best of our abilities. Enjoy!

Pick Of The Liter - Over repetition is something most music lovers agree is a pet peeve. This selection is most likely the exception to the rule, and on the dance floor, it will bring a phenomenal response. This intense rare 70's disco treasure under the production of Lonnie Givens is definitely one that sends you runnin though a wall, to get to the disco, to hear it! Plenty of percussion, synthesizers, keys, and screaming voices make up this track. A Fairly simple make-up, but it definitely has a mind blowing sound.

Esquires - The make-up of this northern Chicago region release by the esquires is the answer to the title, "What is good music". A Percussive drum section, with smooth warm layovers of synths and harmony amongst the vocals, which is reminiscent of the doo-wop era sound. A grossly underrated track for the great sound that it consumes. Success was halted after marketing and promotion came to an unexpected stop. We still find copies of this from time to time but in today's growing popularity of collecting independent media, it won't last for long.

Synergy - While going through the basement of a former record store some 8 years ago, we obtained our first copies of this disco-funk rarity made by a husband and wife team. This south-side couple along with some musicians conceived this pumping disco track. It literally winds up at the beginning then it's off to the party. An overly amplified synthesizer is heard busting in and out of the track, which adds more definition. This title is pretty much to the point of extinction and is yet another long time favourite of ours

Brighter Side Of Darkness - Lennie Lacour collaborated with this Chicago Group to add a Disco Ball to the Magic Touch Arsenal. Although the label had a moderate sized catalog for an independent label. Scarce demand prevented many of the titles from earning the status "Successful". This up-tempo runner caught our ear as an exceptional dance floor piece. We found the first copies around 9 years ago. We played hooky from our 9-5 jobs to check out a collection at a residence in K-Town. We showed up at the front porch, introduced ourselves, and the guy tells us, "One Minute", he went back inside and came out with 2 boxes of records a couple of smaller box 45's. He had 10 copies of this and some other various releases from the label.

Fantasie - Our first copy of this production was obtained from the basement of a drug store (formally a record shop years earlier) on the south side. At an earlier time in Chicago, it was not uncommon to see records amongst a loaf of bread and some cough syrup. Back in the days records were very plentiful in most businesses, until cd's took their place. Many people over look tons of great records because they simply didn't let the track play long enough. In the Case of The Composer, It starts as classical piano and ends with the sound of a circus themed soundtrack. What's in between is what we describe as "The Sound".

Cheryl Berdell - We had recently had our outdoor overhead sign installed and were inside doing construction preparing for our grand opening. A guy knocks on the door and ask, "Are you guys open?" we replied "No". Noticing he had a box of vinyl, we let him in to take a look, which brought us this selection - More classic soap opera disco done right! By the make-up of this selection, it would make a fantastic climax but an even better closing track that will leave everyone wanting more. The sound of the sixties and seventies has never been so sought after as at the present moment. You could even argue that modern music just isn't good enough. As evidence consider this: contemporary producers and artists are often looking back to get inspired (insert staggering number of examples here) so you can safely say that even in this digital age the beating heart of modern R&B and hip-hop is still vintage soul, funk and jazz.
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