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Various Artists - 'Ed Rec Vol. III' [CD]

Various Artists

Ed Rec Vol. III


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Breaking News!
Head of the ED BANGER RECORDS mob, BUSY P stole a uniform from a policeman and toured the world with his pal MURS in tow. At the top of their lungs, they screamed, we are here "TO PROTECT AND ENTERTAIN". Do not trust them under any circumstances!

MR FLASH was spotted driving down the highway at 200 miles/h. Helicopters chasing him. Again, he is going well "OVER THE TOP". The highway police are begging you to stop him. Use any means necessary.

SEBASTIAN is charged for illegal pit-bull breeding. His "DOG" attacked several old ladies in the south of Paris.

UFFIE has 23 complaints against her from nightclubs across the US. She was caught using a fake I.D to enter the hottest spots on the planet. Using the surname "ROBOT OEUF", she went into the clubs breakdancing like a robot and kissing the bouncers. This must end at once!

The minister for JUSTICE is in crisis. Their new motto seems to be "STRESS" for all. Kids are getting crazier at night. Modern music is disturbing our youth.

MR OIZO was arrested in the famous Chicago backroom, "MINUTEMAN'S PULSE". He was pretending to be a French jazzman. Entering the club with his saxophone, he was later caught half naked with a weird human size puppet in his pants...

DJ MEHDI is charged once again with a pick "POCKET PIANO" felony. While DJ-ing in clubs, he lets the record spin while he slips into the cloakroom and steals wallets from the clubbers. Be vigilant!

The infamous KRAZY BALDHEAD is holding 10 people hostage on a farm. He is threatening to kill them all, and has been heard shouting "NO COW, NO POW". Police are listening to his demands.

The 3 DSL brothers have once again broken out of the high security jail of Sarcelles. "FIND ME IN THE WORLD" was written on the wall of their cell.

FEADZ and SPANK ROCK conspired together on "BACK IT UP".

SO ME destroyed yet another tube station. The Paris grafitti artist drew a big "DECALCOMANIA" on the Line 12 train. Still, no one has any idea what it means...
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