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Various Artists - 'Forca Kuduro' [(Colored) Vinyl EP]
Various Artists - 'Forca Kuduro' [(Colored) Vinyl EP]
Various Artists - 'Forca Kuduro' [(Colored) Vinyl EP]
Various Artists - 'Forca Kuduro' [(Colored) Vinyl EP]

Various Artists

Forca Kuduro

Colored Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record

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Fresh off the heels of Funkeiros e Progresso EP and the massive Pancadão do Morro: O Funk do Flamin Hotz, Já É?, Flamin Hotz brings a dose of Funk's brother from another mother, a hearty combination of bass-heavy dance beats produced on the periphery. Kuduro is yet another ricochet of sounds to echo across the black Atlantic and percolate to ears worldwide. Throughout Angola, and especially its capital, Luanda, the dominant sound is this electronic combination of traditional Angolan percussion with the straight kick of house and techno. For more than a decade, local producers have been mimicking beats using whatever technology has been at hand to produce the soundtrack to a sweaty Angolan night, with rapid-fire toasting in Angolan Portuguese. The flow may sound Jamaican, but it is uniquely Angolan - another musical link across the African diaspora.

After hearing snippets of Kuduro that has filtered out of Angola, Flamin Hotz Records got in touch with Frédéric Galliano, one of the biggest foreign exporters of this sound. Força Kuduro! features a wide range of Kuduro tracks produced by Galliano, DJ Tecas, and DJ Patrick and highlights some of the hottest vocal talent out of Angola with Pai Diesel, Zoca Zoca, and Puto Lilas. And in a nod to Kuduro's increasing global currency, we brought in Rub a Dub Market from Japan on a Galliano beat that will jumpstart any party. Most importantly, while the free CD-R hustle in Luanda is essential to Kuduro's musical economy, Flamin Hotz ensured that each track was properly licensed from the artists, who were justly compensated for their music. Get Força Kuduro! now in this limited edition, vinyl-only release before it's gone with a follow up CD version of Kuduro beats scheduled for 2009.
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