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Various Artists (Hadley Murrell Presents) - 'Divas Without Diamonds: The Best Female Singers You've Never Heard' [CD]

Various Artists (Hadley Murrell Presents)

Divas Without Diamonds: The Best Female Singers You've Never Heard


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"Throughout my long career as a record producer, I sought to unravel what I call 'the Mojo Mystery'. The solution has evaded me. From time to time, I've heard a voice come from a female singer that so thrilled me, every other sound in the room faded away. I could hear nothing else but that voice. My spine tingled from top to bottom. Time stood still in that moment and I was unable to move. That is the sound of a talent so profound that you KNOW this person will become a superstar. I would become obsessed with the idea of producing that vocalist and would set about doing so. The music business is unpredictable. Even when everything is done right, things go wrong, and that amazing potential superstar talent never gets heard or never gets the attention and glory it deserves. You have the right talent, the right songs, the right musicians; but a record deal never gets made. Or you have all of these elements plus the right deal. The record is released and nothing happens. Everyone blames everyone else for why the project failed. But at the end of the day, it just didn't happen. No one really knows why. I always say, the project just didn't have the right Mojo. I recently decided that I will not let these talented women with such magnificent voices and styles pass into obscurity without ever being heard. You, my fans, deserve to hear the talent I was so fortunate to discover but was unable to bring to you before now. Get ready to be swept away as you fall in love with each and every one of them – the Divas Without Diamonds. We're giving them their diamonds now."

- Hadley Murrell
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