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Various Artists - 'Mob Hits III: Even More Music From The Great Mob Movies' [CD]

Various Artists

Mob Hits III: Even More Music From The Great Mob Movies


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Traffic Entertainment is proud to announce that we're the new home of the mob. Mob Hits is back in circulation and this time the kid's got a clean record. Welcome to Mob Hits III, the never before released selection from the legendary Mob Hits family. Mob Hits III continues theme with music from some of the greatest mob movies ever. Dean Martin, Louis Prima, The Basie Band... this is the music that made the mob famous. This time out we've made it a deal you can't refuse. As a Capo you can offer this one up to your crew with a sweet $14.98 list. So you want to be a big earner? This is your ticket. This thing of ours just got a little sweeter with the famous Mob Hits brand and a whole new batch of favorites. Since the first volume was issued, the Mob Hits series has moved over 1,000,000 units. Now it's time for you to get in on the action with the all new Mob Hits III.
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