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Various Artists - 'Signal Path' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]

Various Artists

Signal Path

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]

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Our path begins with Tokyo based beat-maker Inner Science (Onwowner/Soup-Disk). As with his previous work "Bright Note" furthers the mix of raw nature fused with hefty drums. Vario, Styge's latest edition continues the heavy approach in the form of "Krylo's Tune". The live drum work, bottomless bass and nomadic sample placement is an indication you having fallen into the path.

Beckoning ears to reflect the beautiful mind know as Londoner Jim Coles/2tall(All City/Om Unit) presents the "Garden Child". With 2tall's meticulous breaks and fertile melodies there is no need to test the soil, just listen. Executive producers Dday One (Project Moocircle/ Content) and Antti Szurawitzki (Styge) juxtapose selections respectively with "It's Never Enough" and „Primitiivinen Teos". Both exhibiting their common dedication to explore innovative sounds and urge to evolve beats.

Stepping up next Dextah (Squared Circle /Content) transmits Electro-vintage appreciation with "I Can't Handle Dischord". The splendor in the synth repetition is reminiscent of classic New Wave sequenced like nasty uncut Electro Funk. Montreal's Millmetrik (Statik/ChatBlanc) follows with his signature neo ambient influenced outlook to placing tones in the form of "Un Lent Procédé De Dégradation" . The sounds of Block Barley (We Aint Music /MPM), Kali Yuga Pro (Styge), and Enigmatical (Out Of The Blue Crew) bring our path to its Horizon.
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