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Various Artists - 'SoulFreedom' [CD]
Various Artists - 'SoulFreedom' [CD]
Various Artists - 'SoulFreedom' [CD]
Various Artists - 'SoulFreedom' [CD]

Various Artists




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  • Jan 01, 2002
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
  • 5036468200053
  • JMAN005CD
  • 2.8 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Jazzman Records
Jazzman Records started thier 7" reissue series a few years back with one thing in mind; to make the rarest, most obscure and grooviest records available to all on beautiful 7" vinyl. Many of the recordings chosen were little known by music lovers but were so good that they deserved to be heard by the many people with an ear for the good stuff living around the world. This idea still stands to this day, and they continue to seek out great music that has long since been forgotten or has proved very difficult to find in the original format.

Unfortunately, many short-sighted record shops do not stock 7" records, and our Jazzman 7" releases themselves are useless to those who do not own a turntable. And so Jazzman Records is proud to present thier second CD that features many of the best Jazzman 7"s in the series. This time they've included the second batch of 7" releases from numbers 11 - 20, and many favourites such as Esther Williams' club classic 'Last Night...', The Highlighters deep funk monster 'Funky 16 Corners' and rare library nugget 'Tropicola' by Nino Nardini are included. Utterly utterly indispensable, unless you have the originals of course...!
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