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Various Artists - 'The Master Catalogue' [CD [2CD]]
Various Artists - 'The Master Catalogue' [CD [2CD]]
Various Artists - 'The Master Catalogue' [CD [2CD]]
Various Artists - 'The Master Catalogue' [CD [2CD]]

Various Artists

The Master Catalogue

CD [2CD]

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You have now been transported back, back into time, back to the era of the SP1200 when break beats were still up for grabs and legendary producers like Ced Gee, Marley Marl and 45 King just started rocking block parties courtesy of Lenny "Break Beat" Roberts' Ultimate Breaks & Beats series. NYC independent Rap labels such as Tuff City, Cold Chillin' and Wild Pitch had their fingers on the pulse of what was happening in the streets. You can add the little known or seldom mentioned Payroll Records to that elite list. Perhaps considered 'Random Rap' in 2008, Payroll's limited roster scores a perfect example of the Tri-State's late 80's sound. The label was the home of Greensboro NC's Bizzie Boys (not to be confused with NYC's Busy Boys) which featured the production talents of Willski (who later emerged as Ski best know for his contributions to Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt" and Camp Lo's "Saturday Night Uptown") as well as the versitile Supreme DJ Nyborn and the hardcore science of B.A.D Rep. Madison Square Garage is proud to present the entire master catalog extended on two discs in a deluxe digipak package featuring all of the original credits and 12" label artwork. This compilation includes every song ever released by the label as well as the super rare cassette only tracks that made up "Payroll Vol. 1." Payroll Records: The Master Catalogue will quickly make you recognize that the label and the artists that made it up deserve more than a 'random rap' footnote in the legacy of golden era boom-bap.
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