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Various Artists - 'Third World Cup 2006' [CD]

Various Artists

Third World Cup 2006



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Third World Cup 2006 is the official and renegade Third World Power: Rice and Beans soccer league. Third World Power: Rice and Beans is the official clothing line of Beta Bodega Coalition. Unlike other organizations that act more like a world government fueled by corporate sponsors, Third World Cup are the games of the people! These are the oppressed and impoverished, the fathers, mothers and children of the global resistance. The semi-finals are on their way with not the fancy foot work but the beat making skills of the Arepaz label. Representing the Altiplanos from the Central Andes is Manuvers from the Botanica del Jibaro and Counterflow camps in Miami. Beat after beat of classic gems to keep the vibe going against the Ecuadorean counter attack of the Condors lead by Epstein and Boom & Birds. 20 tracks in all, a better alternative for this summer. Since the corporate so-called World Cup is in Germany this year, BBC saw it fitting to call on it's BBC operatives in Germany (Project: MooCircle and Subversiv records) to collaborate with. Futbol (soccer) is the game of the people, but this CD is soundtrack of the people.
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