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Various Artists - 'Well Deep: Ten Years Of Big Dada Recordings' [DVD]

Various Artists

Well Deep: Ten Years Of Big Dada Recordings



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  • Jul 24, 2007
  • 625978410097
  • BDD100DVD
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  • Big Dada Recordings
Big Dada is one of the most forward-thinking hip hop labels on the planet. With the cream of UK hip hop/ grime scene, the banguard underground US heads, and the most popular crews out of France, they always find the best producers and most deft emcees who keep pushing the genre forward. How many labels claim to have had a consistent music policy over ten years while releasing artists as diverse as Wiley and cLOUDDEAD? How many labels justify releasing French group TTC, Diplo's early Brazilian experiments, some of the finest acts to come out of the UK (Roots Manuva, Ty, New Flesh, Infinite Livez), as well as some of the finest underground acts to emerge from the USA (Spank Rock, King Geedorah/MF Doom, Mike Ladd's Infesticons/Majesticons project) in addition to some of the most wildly offbeat (Bigg Jus, Busdriver)? Just one. The Well Deep: Ten Years Of Big Dada Recordings is the companion piece to the double CD of the same name. This substantial collection features all the label's videos and includes live shows, a documentary on Big Dada, a video mash-up by Diplo's visual collaborator System-D 128, and a few hidden gems.
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