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Various Artists - 'You Don't Know: Ninja Cuts' [CD [3CD]]
Various Artists - 'You Don't Know: Ninja Cuts' [CD [3CD]]
Various Artists - 'You Don't Know: Ninja Cuts' [CD [3CD]]
Various Artists - 'You Don't Know: Ninja Cuts' [CD [3CD]]

Various Artists

You Don't Know: Ninja Cuts


CD [3CD]

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  • Jun 10, 2008
  • Electronic
  • 625978115022
  • ZEN150CD
  • 7.9 oz
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  • Ninja Tune Records
You know Ninja Tune and everything about them and exactly the type of music they put out and why and it's, y'know, cool and everything but... Well, you don't.

The latest "Ninja Cuts" is number five in a series of classic compilations which have studded Ninja's 18 years of existence. And, like its predecessors, "You Don't Know" serves as a signpost of both where the label has come from and where it's heading. Although there are tracks on this three CD package dating back as far as 1998 (Mike Ladd's rare classic "Blah Blah") there are also 9 unreleased tracks (from some of Ninja Tune's biggest acts like Mr Scruff, Cinematic Orchestra, Coldcut and others), some from albums which won't be released until later in the year (John Matthias' fragile, ethereal "Evermore" leaps to mind, or Pop Levi's superb, princely "Dita Dimone"). Its fair to say most of this compilation contains rare, alternate and brand new tracks. More than anything else, what "You Don't Know" shows is the breadth of Ninja's releases, the sheer ambition and diversity of the music being put out through the imprints of Ninja Tune, Big Dada and Counter.

Where to start? Anyone who thinks they know what to expect from a Ninja Tune compilation is advised to head straight for CD2, track 16, where Baltimore's The Death Set deliver electro-pop-punk of pure brattish joyfulness. Or the Bug's "Poison Dart" - harsh dubstep dancehall that's had FWD bubbling for the last few months. Or check DJ Kentaro's riotous collaboration with Spank Rock, "Free". Or the fuzzyfelt-bahia of Long Lost's "The Art of Kissing", a folk project by Daedelus. Or the blissful quiescent power of Jaga's "Swedenborgske Rom". Or Finks "Pretty Little Thing". Or...

Some other names you will be expecting. Roots Manuva offers up a couple of rarities on the utterly ill "Seat Yourself" and a version of "Chin High" that's more Joy Division than J Dilla. The Cinematic Orchestra turn up with the radio version of their scintillating "To Build A Home" plus a new track "Rites of Spring" recorded live at the Barbican in London and a fantastic remix from Susumu Yokota. One of the UK's greatest musical mavericks and pioneer of grime Wiley is on board. Ninja founders Coldcut give early versions and re-rubs from 2006's "Sound Mirrors" album. Kid Koala destroys the music business single-handed (double-handed?) on "Slew Test 2". Mr Scruff and Quantic go riding and take us on a bumpy "Donkey Ride", a brand new track. An unavailable track "Epistemology Suite" by Diplo from a very early deleted 12" is present, Then there's a heap of remixers and contributors that run from Modeselektor, DJ Shadow, Tiga, RJD2 and the mighty Switch. But even that doesn't get close.

The list goes on. The best thing to do is to stop reading, put the paper down, press play and just listen...
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