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Verbal Kent - 'Fist Shaking' [CD]
Verbal Kent - 'Fist Shaking' [CD]
Verbal Kent - 'Fist Shaking' [CD]
Verbal Kent - 'Fist Shaking' [CD]

Verbal Kent

Fist Shaking


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Chicago MC, Verbal Kent, returns with Fist Shaking, his third installment to his concept started in What Box and followed up in Move With The Walls. This concept consists of sticking to the script of dropping raw underground hip hop without the glamour and glitz. Hardcore lyrical wordplay overlaps polished and gritty beats with drums that bang the box. Cover artist Gary G keeps continuity in the artwork by giving visual sense of what the music is speaking. Top-notch production is handled by Marco Polo, Oddisee, Kaz 1, Panik, K-Kruz, and a rising talent to watch, Varan. Verbal Kent enlists his rapping peers Rusty Chains, Roadblok, Doomsday, Mood Swangz, Lance Ambu and Alltruisms for thight guest appearances. As a testament to VK's hustle and grind, Molemen Records will be releasing his current opus.
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