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<!--020061003007984-->Vice - 'The Vice Guide To Travel' [DVD]
<!--020061003007984-->Vice - 'The Vice Guide To Travel' [DVD]
<!--020061003007984-->Vice - 'The Vice Guide To Travel' [DVD]
<!--020061003007984-->Vice - 'The Vice Guide To Travel' [DVD]


The Vice Guide To Travel



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  • Oct 03, 2006
  • 893467001013
  • VCF010DVD
  • 3.6 oz
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  • Vice Films
The VICE GUIDE TO TRAVEL is the first installment in our new DVD series. Well be doi ng these four times each year according to a different theme. It's a lot like VICE Magazine, except it moves. For this first one we dispatched correspondents all over the world to visit the planet's weirdest and most dangerous places. We went to such farflung locales as the Pygmy villages of the Congo, the radioactive ruins of Chernobyl, and the illegal arms markets of Pakistan. We looked for mythical beasts, met the PLO boy scouts (the suicide bombers of tomorrow), chatted with a man who sold black market nuclear warheads and hung out with Osama bin Laden, and got shot at in the slums of Rio. This is travel at its most bizarre, equal parts LSD and adrenaline, and sometimes we can't believe we made it back alive. Includes a 72-page, full color collector's edition book in a custom box.
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