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<!--020081223015643-->Vida Guerra - 'Vida's World: My Life My Story' [DVD]
<!--020081223015643-->Vida Guerra - 'Vida's World: My Life My Story' [DVD]
<!--020081223015643-->Vida Guerra - 'Vida's World: My Life My Story' [DVD]
<!--020081223015643-->Vida Guerra - 'Vida's World: My Life My Story' [DVD]

Vida Guerra

Vida's World: My Life My Story


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  • Dec 23, 2008
  • 634479777554
  • BOB7554DVD
  • 3.6 oz
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  • Best Of The Block Entertainment
Best Of The Block Inc is back to bring you everyone's favorite super sexy video vixen Vida Guerra as she takes you through Vida's World: My Life My Story. Walk with Vida as she Prepares for her photo shoot at Michael Scoot's $50 million mansion and estate. You get a first-hand look at the crucial steps of preparation before any photo shoot and viewers are given full access to see Vida choose from a number of bikinis and swimsuits. Watch as she mentally prepares for every sexy, eye popping picture. She also enlightens aspiring young models on how tough the modeling and video vixen businesses are and imparts on them how she climbed to the top: "No days off". Vida boasts how she made thousands of dollars a week off internet sales, but admits Hollywood is her ultimate goal and along the way, she opens up about her dreams and family struggles. Find out how her family fought through tough times becoming the strong Cuban "La Familia" they are today. Keeping your eyes on the prize, Vida breaks down the shortcuts some video vixens and models take to get to the top at the afterparty, in the artist's trailer, or back at the hotel. Vida doesn't knock the hustle, she doesn't regret choosing a different route to get to the top using her brains and her beauty. And best of all, witness Vida posing in some of the sexiest swim suit photo shoots she's ever taken.

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