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Visioneers - 'Dirty Old Remixes' [CD]


Dirty Old Remixes



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Marc Mac's Visioneers project, Dirty Old Hip Hop, was one of the stand out albums of 2006. Marc made an album featuring original compositions, but also live band interpretations of songs that many young folk first heard as loops from hip-hop records, that pay homage both to the creators and the samplers. Simply put, the result is beautiful, and the album has gained support from both critics and the public.
The launch of Dirty Old Remixes sees the likes of Twelve Beats and Terry Tester giving their respective takes on 'Funkbox' and 'Replay'. If you haven't heard of them...well... they're kind of a big deal on 'Myspace'. Both hailing from Copenhagen, it is little surprise that the remixes are both well constructed and mellow. Terry Tester, one fifth of Danish hip hop troupe Vincent Van Go Go, is one to watch, with forthcoming projects featuring Oh No and Roc C. Last year he put his name to the beat on On My Own, a smooth and soulful Jahi track featuring Dwele, and his and Twelve Beat's sound bear the trace of Detroit and Philadelphia's modern greats.The LP is rounded off by the Visioneers remix of 'Runnin', featuring the original Pharcyde vocals reinstated over Marc's live band version, and hereby cementing BBE's reputation as the best, and most po-mo label out there.
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