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<!--020151120071426-->V/SUAL - 'Amore' [(Black) T-Shirt]
<!--020151120071426-->V/SUAL - 'Amore' [(Black) T-Shirt]
<!--020151120071426-->V/SUAL - 'Amore' [(Black) T-Shirt]
<!--020151120071426-->V/SUAL - 'Amore' [(Black) T-Shirt]





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N.Y. can be a crazy place. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a massive metropolis such as this, it is hard not to. But what do you get when you mix The Hundreds, 13th Witness, and a mob of photographers who are ready to hit this urban jungle equipped with just about every type of camera imaginable? You guessed it: A Street Meet in N.Y. I am proud to have been apart of this since the first one back in L.A. Since then, we hit S.F., and with the continuous positive outcomes from it, Bobby and Ben were kind enough to see how something like this would go down in N.Y. I must say, I was a little nervous about the end result. I mean, keep in mind, I was that kid who hated having birthday parties because I feared no one would show up. But to my surprise and enjoyment, a larger than life crew was ready to roll out. Being that this even was going down, I felt it only made sense to ask 13th Witness to roll through as the special guest host. We all met up at The Hundreds New York store off Grand St. and made our way towards to Chinatown. I had to keep turning around and shooting everyone who showed up. It really was something to be seen. The fact that when we were crossing streets and blocking traffic with a crew of photographers, was not something you see everyday. Our path was to roll through Chinatown, head down to the Seaport, and end up on the Brooklyn Bridge. I really enjoyed seeing people come together, interact, and just share creative tips with one another. If there is anything I want to see people leave these events with, it is more than just photos, but a sense of inspiration and motivation. Hopefully we did just that. So scroll below to see the meet through my lens. Which, by the way, was tough to break down into selects for this because of all the shots I got. Enjoy!
- Van Styles

- 6 oz. 100% cotton jersey. Screen printed.