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It's Nothin'


'It's Nothing' is the 3rd single released from VURSATYL's initial solo project entitled 'Crooked Straights' on BBE Records/Misfit Records/VURSATYL Enterprises. The song is produced by fellow Oregon resident Pele Won. 'It's Nothing" serves as the center piece to 'Crooked Straights' and the reminder to those who know VURSATYL to be an ill MC that although 'Crooked Straights' is intentionally VURSATYL's palatable, soulful, funky and groove heavy pace setter, he's a beast on the mic. 'It's Nothing' displays that fact. The statement is simple, 'Crooked Straights' is deliberately a record to ride to, vibe to and enjoy... But when it comes to "real spitting, lyricism and real MC'ing".... "It's Nothing" to VURSATYL.