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<!--020070123007653-->Welcome To Durham - 'Welcome To Durham: The Documentary' [DVD]

Welcome To Durham

Welcome To Durham: The Documentary


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  • Jan 23, 2007
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  • DFF81005DVD
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  • Teddy Jacobs
Welcome to Durham is the gripping documentary that illustrates how gang violence is no longer the exclusive domain of urban cities like Los Angeles and Chicago. There are over 20 organized gangs in Durham, constantly attracting new members from all ethnic backgrounds. This is a disturbing documentary that exhibits how members range from the ages 12-35, adolescents who live on the dark side of society, just a bullet away from the morgue. Through unprecedented access to this culture, Welcome to Durham, offers a frank unblinking look into the lives of local gangs, including nationally known Bloods and Crips, and how they live in the shadow of violence and under the constant threat of death. Upon its release and subsequent screenings at several film festivals, Welcome to Durham created serious buzz and press with a relevant issue that few had touched upon. Here finally is the highly anticipated DVD release of this impact film.

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