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Werdoze - 'Tha 500 Xperience' [CD]


Tha 500 Xperience


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The WeRdoZe are back! Giving you an experience of their life "xperience", tha 500 way. A quick understanding of what 500 symbolizes for the WeRdoZe: POWER and BALANCE, the "00" is forever, it symbolizes the infinity sign or as they spell it "NFNTY" (Negus Free Now Thank You). Making it clear on the first track, the WeRdoZe have found truth within their identity, letting you know God, Jah, Allah, is the most High, and you are a god (if you weren't already aware). This xperience takes you through life thoughts out of the visions of B-Meadz and Spreez. Spiritually, mentally, and physically Tha 500 XPERIENCE will raise your vibrations to a state of awareness of your most powerful being. Even more interestingly, the thesis of this xperience is, you are not a human being having a spiritual experience you're a spiritual being whose having a human experience. "You can't be afraid to find you, some say you have to loose yourself just to find yourself.
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