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<!--020030128000085-->Wild Style - 'The Movie' [DVD]
<!--020030128000085-->Wild Style - 'The Movie' [DVD]
<!--020030128000085-->Wild Style - 'The Movie' [DVD]
<!--020030128000085-->Wild Style - 'The Movie' [DVD]

Wild Style

The Movie



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  • Jan 28, 2003
  • 081227236724
  • R32367DVD
  • 3.6 oz
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  • Rhino Home Video
  • Charlie Ahearn
Filmed entirely on location in the South Bronx, Wild Style is a time capsule of the true origins of the Old School and the amazing break-out of the hip-hop culture.
The year 1982 was a unique time in New York City, and director Charlie Ahearn was there to document it. A creative explosion was taking place both in the uptown hip-hop scene and the lively downtown art scene. It was only a matter of time before the two scenes collided, creating a fusion of hip-hop, break dancing, graffiti, filmmaking, and art. Fab 5 Freddy brought Afrika Bambaataa downtown to jam at Keith Haring's graffiti art show "Beyond Words." Art critic/ poet Rene Richard and I, an underground movie star, made it uptown to the 2nd Annual Sugarhill Rap Convention. Charlie Ahearn shot so much video at the South Bronx club the Dixie that his uptown name was "Charlie Video." Break-dancers Rock Steady Crew and artist Lady Pink broke out in Soho, and graffiti kings Lee, Futura, Zephyr, and Dondi astounded the art world at the Lower East Side's "Fun Gallery."
There will never be another movie to match the legendary Wild Style. Cold Crush Bros., Grand Master Caz, Fantastic Freaks, Busy Bee, and Double Trouble on the mic and Grandmaster Flash cutting up in his kitchen are the real Old School. The beats on this soundtrack capture the entergy and passion of the true heart of hip-hop.