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Will C. - 'Evil In The Mirror' [CD]
Will C. - 'Evil In The Mirror' [CD]
Will C. - 'Evil In The Mirror' [CD]
Will C. - 'Evil In The Mirror' [CD]

Will C.

Evil In The Mirror


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Evil In The Mirror is the debut full length from recording artist Will C. A young mind with an against-the-grain view on making music, Will has managed to put together an exciting album in a genre where listeners generally aren't given enough credit. He explains the general idea behind Evil In The Mirror below:

"Sometimes the fork in the road in itself is scenic. Evil in the mirror represents the duality within all of us, but more specifically to this record, one's confidence backed with their humility... their jubilation in a balancing act with a deep sense of the melancholy. My selfishness and empathy. My comfort and paranoia. I've come to the conclusion that to suppress or keep either side of this dichotomy hidden would only hurt me as an artist and disconnect me from the listener. Becoming increasingly conscious of the numerous flaws that compliment my strengths, I stand idle at a fork in the road, unsure of the direction to take my life but ironically admiring this vantage point. The given circumstance has brought to fruition an album that I am proud of and hope you enjoy."

Though his description is strikingly serious, there is a sense of humor and compassion that makes Evil In The Mirror both enjoyable and refreshing. Dense enough lyrically and musically to become increasingly rewarding upon repeated listens, Evil... however does not demand the listener to stop having fun and "dissect" in order to appreciate the record.

Evil In The Mirror sports it's highly talked/typed about lead single, "Losers" (BRK 8805) and also features a guest appearance from Esoteric, one of Hip Hop's most gifted minds and entertaining artists. The two push things to the brink of insanity on the uptempo sonic tour-de-force, "Synthetic Genetics."

Includes 2 UGHH Exclusive Bonus Discs...

Clear View Mirror (FREE UGHH EXCLUSIVE CD 1)
At the heart of Evil In The Mirror is its source material. The nucleus, the back drops that inspire the lyrics. When carefully arranged and selected, countless stacks of record LPs, cassettes, 45s, and VHS tapes* hopefully become a finished product with my signature stamp on it. Before there was Evil In The Mirror, there was a Rock album here, an Exotica record there... Folk, Jazz, Space Age Pop, Disco, Funk... all sorts of records being selected, if only slightly "by random." Some because they have interesting covers, others because they're cheap, and still others, for example, because a coworker felt compelled to lend me a Country Moog record for the hell of it. Top all of that off with those odd days spent tip-toeing into rooms to snag records I'm STILL not supposed to lay a finger on (at 22... really??!!) and the result is the adventure that became Evil In The Mirror. Clear View Mirror is the stripped down companion to Evil. The small bits of music, the diamonds in the rough that made it onto my MPC and into Pro Tools. Here they are, unprocessed- no EQ, no pitch bend, nothing. There's a lot of material on here I really enjoy as is, before I either flipped them or ruined them, depending on how you want to look at it. Compiled from a great deal of selections, Clear View actually clocks in at a slightly longer run time than Evil. Go figure. Check it out.

* (and let's be honest, DVDs too... shit ain't always analog)

Evil In The Mirror Instrumentals (FREE UGHH EXCLUSIVE CD 2)
I never noticed you can hear a guy mumbling something backwards quietly in the Infinite Hourglass sample! Is that a robot speaking German underneath the Synthetic Genetics beat? Maybe if Will C. shut up once in awhile and stopped speaking so much nonsense over the beat, I'd be able to hear these intricacies.

Now, with the bonus Evil In the Mirror Instrumentals CD, Will C. is finally muted, allowing the listener to hear all of this and more!

Disclaimer: Artist does not actually think listener cares.
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