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Willie Evans Jr. - 'Communication' [CD]

Willie Evans Jr.



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Rawkus records and Hip Hop Hell Records are proud to present "Communication", the debut solo release from MC, producer, and A.b's member Willie Evans Jr.. With this solo album Willie has brought the funk and hiphop of the southeast that is overlooked to its rap counterpart to light and establishes himself as a force in hip hop not to be taken lightly. With a slightly minimalist approach, Willie Evans Jr. reminds you that before you have a message, an image, a network or a staff, you have gotta be funky. Willie intends to introduce himself as well as his thought process with this album, touching on subject matter that deals with human nature and habits while still injecting his personality throughout each joint. Handling 99% of the production (Slow Adrenaline was produced by Therapy of The Smile Rays), he also establishes himself as a beatmaker who's main concern is snapping your neck. Mr. Lif, Basic of The A.b's), and J One Da (The A.b's) also pop through to lend rhymes to the final product which is a new representation of what it means to be a southeast hiphop artist. DON'T MONKEY WITH THE FUNKY
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