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Wordsworth & Sam Brown - 'Our World Today' [CD]

Wordsworth & Sam Brown

Our World Today


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Wordsworth's new collaborative album titled Our World Today, is entirely produced by Wilmington, North Carolina's producer/engineer/M.C. by the name of Sam Brown. Sam Brown has recorded and mixed music for artist ranging from Kev Brown to Nottzraw and for labels the likes of Mello Music Group and Soulspazm (KonSci). While Wordsworth has remained musically prolific, touring with his group eMC, and featured on some of the hottest releases. Wordsworth and Sam Brown's album is aptly titled Our World Today, provides soulful grittiness. The album is raw emotion with an uncut head nodding Hip-Hop landscape depicting the troubling and celebrated aspects of the world we live in. Songs like The Election and Convicted address controversial headlines in our daily lives. On The Election, Wordsworth raps, "Hillary's loss was embarrassing/this election caused fights, broke up friendships and destroyed marriages/ racial tension, threats in your inbox/social media arguments had your friends blocked." There has never been a doubt of Wordsworth's elite braggadocio wordplay which is highlighted on Horns from the Soul and Church. The song Hero showcases Sam Brown's stellar production while Wordsworth raps, "The Hulk is on steroids, with Gambit he's in debt still/Weapon X owes professor X for some X pills" while featuring The Last Emperor; Hero shows that even in our world today it's hard for a superhero to cope. The album features yU, Pearl Gates, Apocalypse, Tonedeff, Louis., and Hip-Hop icons Masta Ace and Sadat X. Wordsworth and Sam Brown are able to provide music reflecting Our World Today that will affect our lives forever.
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