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<!--019000101011363-->Xzibit - 'Restless Xposed' [DVD]
<!--019000101011363-->Xzibit - 'Restless Xposed' [DVD]
<!--019000101011363-->Xzibit - 'Restless Xposed' [DVD]
<!--019000101011363-->Xzibit - 'Restless Xposed' [DVD]


Restless Xposed


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  • MMI Open Bar Films
  • Likwit Crew
Xzibit, a long time underground legend, emerges to bring you this behind the scenes look at what made his highly anticipated Platinum Restless LP. Take a hand to hand walk with Xzibit as he crushes arenas on the Anger Management Tour, kicks it on the tour bus and indulges in Xplicit groupie action.

See Mr. X to the Z doing it big with his homies, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and many more. Plus an all access ride on his European tour, backstage footage and all of Xzibit's groundbreaking videos.

Restless Xposed is much more than a concert film. The footage is true behind the scenes action shot with Xzibit daily for eight months. High quality content, high quality images and high quality sound.

If you like Xplicit lyrics, Xplicit girls, and Xplicit behavior Restless Xposed is a must see. Take it home, put it in your system and crank that S**T up!!