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<!--020080205011152-->Yak Ballz - 'Scifentology II' [CD]
<!--020080205011152-->Yak Ballz - 'Scifentology II' [CD]
<!--020080205011152-->Yak Ballz - 'Scifentology II' [CD]
<!--020080205011152-->Yak Ballz - 'Scifentology II' [CD]

Yak Ballz

Scifentology II



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Scifentology II, the follow-up to the wildly popular first installment promises more of that unique Five Borough-flavor only one of the most talented MCs on any level can provide. Yak spits rap for real, something you feel. Sci II is further proof. Scifentology; The Mixtape started as an innocent idea for a promotional tool to help market the Scifen clothing brand, but it quickly became one of the most talked-about mixtapes of the year in '06. Independently distributed through the vast Fat Beats network, the full-color cover designed by premier urban artist and senior designer for Scifen clothing, Ewok One 5MH, grabbed the attention of casual fans while Yak's introspective rhymes wrapped neatly in his singular flow captivated audiences. Shrugging off the aforementioned sequel slump, Yak and Scifen are back.
By touring heavily across the globe and expanding his loyal fan base with his memorable stage show, Yak is poised to be at the forefront of independent Hip Hop music with the release of Scifentology II on the up and coming FloSpot Records imprint. Brilliantly crafted lyrics, conceptual songs, innovative production, and Yak's heartfelt delivery confirms Sci II as the anticipated tangible body of work that fans both new and old can add to their prized collections. Ewok One 5MH has concocted yet another brain-bending cover. Cage, Tame One, and Slow Suicide Stimulus are on-board for more dusted debauchery. Producers such as Aesop Rock, Camu Tao, Mondee, Chapter 7, Chris Maestro, and Govone (of Slow Suicide Stimulus) have contributed soundscapes to one of the most anticipated independent music releases of '08. With Yak's touring ethic across the globe and a heavy presence in urban street-wear culture, Yak Ballz and Scifen Clothing are a perfect fit and a have a future as bright as ever. Cop a ticket to the Scifentology circus.
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