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<!--020070717009496-->Yesterdays New Quintet - 'Yesterdays Universe' [CD]

Yesterdays New Quintet

Yesterdays Universe



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Yesterday's Universe continues to expand with astral speed.
Back in the year 2000, Madlib saw the cusp of the millennium as a place in time to look back in history while looking forward to the future. Musically, this meant a Big Bang - the sonic collision of classic jazz, funk and fusion with present-day hip-hop. Madlib set in motion Yesterday's Universe with his Yesterdays New Quintet, a combo of five esoteric jazz cats who were unheard of then and unseen even now. All his listeners needed to know about Madlib's new crew of instrumentalists was what they heard coming from the grooves of the debut LP, Angles Without Edges. Today, all five "players" - by now, obviously all alter-egos of Madlib himself - alongside a host of new incarnations showcase their talents on Yesterday's Universe. They represent a distinct facet of Madlib's musical universe, which we have finally come to realize is the universe of his mind.
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