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Young Buck - 'Straight Outta Ca$hville (Straight Outta Cashville)' [CD]

Young Buck

Straight Outta Ca$hville (Straight Outta Cashville)


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While Buck spent the first half of his career on the bench seeing none of the cash money his former label boasted about in its title, his recruitment by 50 Cent into the G-Unit click has garnered Buck the necessary bills, notoriety, and star power production to create a debut album truly testing his ability to make waves in the industry without relying on his Gorilla Unit counterparts as a major label life preserver. The result...all naysayers get bucked down as G-Unit's newest member takes a bite out of the big apple and spits the seeds out about down south in Cashville, Tennessee. While Buck's lyrical content is comprised of the same old story about getting over on money hungry bitches and building a rep on body bags and bling, his ability to transcend the boundary between performer and purchaser, and transport the listener into his corrupt street mentality, is for better or worse, extremely effective. Don't be fooled by the commercially successful G-Unit affiliation either and expect to be shaking your thang-thang to any club bangers this time around. Both Buck's lyrical content and delivery on this album are at all times, strictly street. A solid debut, cementing Buck's status as a major player in the rap game's foreseeable future, Cashville crowns Buck a serious contender for carrying the gangsta rap torch into 2005.
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