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<!--020070508009494-->Zen (Gary Davis) - 'Zen' [DVD]
<!--020070508009494-->Zen (Gary Davis) - 'Zen' [DVD]
<!--020070508009494-->Zen (Gary Davis) - 'Zen' [DVD]
<!--020070508009494-->Zen (Gary Davis) - 'Zen' [DVD]

Zen (Gary Davis)




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  • May 08, 2007
  • 718924121298
  • YAMA12129DVD
  • 3.6 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Chocolate Star Records
  • Gary Davis
"Zen" is Gary Davis' latest martial arts/ vampire motion picture offering. This excitement filled epic takes place in 17th Century Japan. When you combine drama, action, and love, you get only one thing... "Zen".
"Zen" centers around a young boy who learns both the secret way of killing vampires and valuable lessons about the young ladies. As a naive little master who doesn't know anything about women and love, "Zen" goes on a quest to find out the truth about his parents' sacred sword. While meeting people along the way, he ends up running into more than he bargained for. Revenge, bloody battles, breathtaking clashes, trickery and deception are all rolled into one in this tale of thecoming of age of an innocent boy looking for answers.

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